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Off Road basics to inflating your tires – ready to get back on the road?

Off Road basics to inflating your tires is a series surrounding safety, accuracy, and reliability. You feel like a champ, you just finished those trails and enjoyed being part of the outside world for an entire weekend perhaps. Now that this particular journey has ended and you are back on flat and solid ground, it […]

Off road basics to deflating your tires- ready to hit the trails

Ok exciting, you are gearing up for the weekend to take your rig off the beaten path, let’s dive into off road basics to deflating your tires.  Deflating your tires is probably the most important thing that you will need to do, and the reason behind it has everything to do with traction.  A simple […]

Tire tread patterns and why they matter- PCL USA inside scoop

As we dive more and more into informative and educational articles; we will always keep coming back to tires and their overall health. This is, of course, for safety reasons as well making sure that you get the most out of them. So, let’s dive into it; tire tread patterns and why they matter. This […]

Digital hand held Tire Inflator with pressure gauge- PCL ACCURA 1

Durability and accuracy are one of the two most common words used when describing the PCL line of digital hand held tire inflator with pressure gauge.   I cannot tell enough how important durability is when working in your garage, I don’t like to treat things delicately specially if I am pressed for time.    In […]

Garage tire inflation equipment- improving your work flow

Working in your garage should not be chaotic; if you are an enthusiast, your garage should be a place of caring for your equipment in the most efficient and safe manner. When it comes to garage tire inflation equipment, tire pressure gauges tend to be very frustrating and time consuming, or the complete opposite, a […]

MK4 digital tire inflator & deflator – through the ages

When we look back at the last several decades; many things have changed. The only thing that has remained consistent is the care for our vehicles and the tires that they ride on. The Mk4 digital tire inflator & deflator unit has been celebrated in many of its evolutionary forms throughout the ages. What drives […]

PCL MK4 digital tire inflator- where have you been all my life?

If you have never held an ergonomically correct pressure tire gauge/inflator in your hand; you are missing out.   I love being in the garage with tools that feel good in the hand for safety and efficiency.  Whether it is a good balanced drill or a dremel saw; they have to feel good in our hands.  […]

Heavy duty digital truck tire pressure gauge – 3 reasons why you buy it

After spending a few minutes on the phone yesterday with a customer; it became evident as to why the MK4 digital tire gauge is a professional grade choice for auto enthusiasts in general. Let’s kick off the top 3 reasons why you purchase this heavy duty digital truck tire pressure gauge: The Mk4 digital inflator/deflator […]

How do you select a good motorcycle tire pressure gauge

The motorcycle world is full of passionate individuals who not only care for their motorcycles but also for the overall community.  It is in this sense of community that we all share valuable tips and information to keep our bikes on the road. We have all seen reviews and have purchased several tools in the […]