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PCL’s Clip-On Air Chucks

PCL’s Clip-On Air Chucks

What’s one of the worst things about regular air chucks? Is it the air escaping as you try to push it on? Is it the time lost checking and rechecking tire pressure because it took so long to get a good connection? Answer: it’s all of the above and more.

PCL’s People with Passion – The Off-Roaders

PCL's People with Passion - The Off-Roaders

The off-roader community is massive – so massive that there’s no way we could possibly acknowledge all of the clubs and organizations out there individually! But we wanted to give a shoutout to the off-roaders all across the globe, who enjoy hitting the trails and getting their wheels dirty.

PCL’s People with Passion – A New Series

PCL's People with Passion - A New Series

Today we wanted to celebrate the history of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Just as William Harley and the Davidson brothers had a passion for “motor-bicycles”, PCL has a passion for tires and the safety of anyone who rides, not just HD lovers!

PCL’s Tire Inflation Kit – The Maverick 4×4

PCL's Tire Inflation Kit

Ever wished you had a tool to that could inflate or deflate all of your tires at once, and could do it while you were on the trail? If so, we have the solution for you!

PCL’s Tire Pressure Gauges and Inflators

PCL's Tire Pressure Gauges and Inflators

Are you one of the off-roaders or weekend warriors who missed out on gauges and inflators, specifically the Maverick 4×4 kit?

PCL’s Lasting Legacy – Happy Birthday!

PCL's Lasting Legacy

Today is PCL’s birthday! PCL was found June 25, 1938 in Sheffield, England by Henry Turner and Thomas Brown. In 1939, when World War I broke out, PCL began supplying air components to the Air Ministry.

PCL Fun Friday – Some Interesting Tire Facts

PCL Fun Friday

It’s Friday! As you prepare to get out there on the road, track, or trails, we wanted to share some fun tire trivia that you can share with your friends!