Heavy duty digital truck tire pressure gauge – 3 reasons why you buy it

After spending a few minutes on the phone yesterday with a customer; it became evident as to why the MK4 digital tire gauge is a professional grade choice for auto enthusiasts in general. Let’s kick off the top 3 reasons why you purchase this heavy duty digital truck tire pressure gauge:

  1. The Mk4 digital inflator/deflator is the lightest metal body on the market, with amazing biomorphic shape to increase comfort.
  2. Accuracy, this is probably no surprise to anyone.  But what may be a surprise is the fact that this gauge carries an accuracy of 0.1 psi.  This totally comes in handy when you are not only checking your pressure but also when you are using it an inflator/deflator.
  3. Last one, this Mk4 digital device is rated for in indoor and rugged outdoor applications.  This is important to know because it fits multiple locations, from garage and shop areas, to the outdoor guys that will experience all weather conditions.

There you have, these are the top 3 reasons why you keep purchasing this awesome and rugged tire inflator. Send us an email with more questions at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com so that we can answer them here on the blog. Have an amazing day guys!

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