How do you select a good motorcycle tire pressure gauge

The motorcycle world is full of passionate individuals who not only care for their motorcycles but also for the overall community.  It is in this sense of community that we all share valuable tips and information to keep our bikes on the road. We have all seen reviews and have purchased several tools in the past, but when it comes a motorcycle tire pressure gauge; there is a vast example of choices in today’s market. So how do you choose the best motorcycle tire pressure gauge:

  1. The biggest gripe, at no surprise, has to do with accuracy.  The amount of pressure error can range from 10%-20% on some of the existing gauges out there.
  2. Efficiency doesn’t mean carry a bunch of tools.  Efficiency means having the capability to perform what you need to do on your tires quickly and accurately, leaving you more time to go and enjoy your ride.

The Accura 1 tire inflator and deflator is individually tested at the factory for accuracy and boasts a calibration certificate inside each unit.   Motorcycle tires are a lot of more sensitive to pressure change inaccuracies because they carry less air than your standard automobile tire.  It is because of this reason that the ACCURA 1 boasts a reading accuracy of 0.2 psi which translates into piece of mind for you. We are here for you, shoot us an email at for a quick chat.      

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