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Analog and Digital tire inflators

PCL’s Aviation Tire Pressure Gauge – Not Just for Plane Tires

Aviation Tire Pressure Gauge

PCL’s ACCURA 5 inflator isn’t just for inflating airplane tires; due to its strong engineering, it can work well for any high PSI application, including big-rig tires.

PCL’s Best Tire Pressure Gauge – Take It Anywhere

Best Tire Pressure Gauge

Are you on the fence about what kind of gauge you need for your ride? Can’t decide between the three amazing gauges PCL offers? We’re here to help!

PCL’s Tire Inflator – The Easy-to-Use DTI

Tire Inflator

As an entry-level inflator, the DTI prides itself on being easy to use. With the simple press of a button, you can change the unit measurements from PSI to Bar or KPA, depending on your preference.

PCL’s Best Tire Pressure Gauge – Built Durably

Best Tire Pressure Gauge

Unlike other gauges, the DTI – and all PCL gauges – are built with our history of aircraft tools in mind. This means that we don’t skimp on construction.

PCL’s DTI Tire Inflator and Gauge – Budget-Conscious Inflation

Tire Inflator and Gauge

Built upon the existing ACCURA 1 inflator, we set out to make a gauge that would offer not only the best accuracy, but would also give you powerhouse inflation without a huge price tag.