Digital hand held Tire Inflator with pressure gauge- PCL ACCURA 1

Durability and accuracy are one of the two most common words used when describing the PCL line of digital hand held tire inflator with pressure gauge.   I cannot tell enough how important durability is when working in your garage, I don’t like to treat things delicately specially if I am pressed for time.    In this entry, the ACCURA 1 tire inflator with digital pressure gauge is a favorite among automotive enthusiasts.   Matt with “Obsessed Garage” took the time to review the line up and the ACCURA 1 landed as one of his favorite inflators for ergonomics and accuracy.  You can watch the review by hitting this link, Obsessed Garage review. The take away, there are many mainstream products that may do an ok job; but if you want heritage, value, and the engineering behind it; the Accura 1 tire inflator with built in digital gauge is tough to pass up.  My favorite take away; it is an inflator and a deflator at the same time. You can get in touch by emailing us at or dialing 281 446 7300.

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