Extreme Off road basics- Tires + PCL digital tire inflator gauges

We are excited to kick off this next segment by bringing up a few highlights for those of you just now venturing out into the trails. It may be obvious or not, but tires will play a huge role in how well your vehicle will perform, whether you are driving your 4×4 or your 2WD rig. One very important note is to understand the importance of deflating your tires when you are well underway in our adventure. PCL digital tire inflator gauges plus a good set of AT tires are a winning combo.

Some of the most popular tires as of this entry are the Bridgestone K02’s these tires just look the part and they show up in a big way. The other tire manufacturer that has gained a lot of popularity is Toyo, their open country AT II has been a favorite for a lot of us, and they recently came out with the AT III making the offering even better. Cooper is also a very popular player with their Discoverer AT tire line up. Of course, these are just a few of the favorites out there so do your research on the type of offroading that you will be doing and always practice safety first.

If you need additional information on our PCL digital tire inflator gauges, send us an email at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com


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