Garage tire inflation equipment- improving your work flow

Working in your garage should not be chaotic; if you are an enthusiast, your garage should be a place of caring for your equipment in the most efficient and safe manner. When it comes to garage tire inflation equipment, tire pressure gauges tend to be very frustrating and time consuming, or the complete opposite, a joy to use. That’s right, when was the last time you ever head anyone say the word “joy’ paired with a tire pressure gauge. The following are the major highlights of the Mk4 Digital tire inflator for your garage:

  1. First and foremost, you don’t need a pressure gauge and an inflator simply because the MK4 can be both. When you connect your air hose to your tire stem, the MK4 wakes up and instantly gives you an accurate reading.
  2. By pressing all the way down on the lever, now the MK4 becomes a powerful inflator.
  3. By pressing half way down, the Mk4 becomes a deflator,which is a very unique and cool feature.

So as you can see, you can check pressure, inflate and deflate your tires in one single motion.  This is what should compliment your garage for a positive experience.

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