PCL’s Automatic Tire Inflator – The ACCURA Qube

Automatic Tire Inflator

PCL’s Automatic Tire Inflator


An overview of the ACCURA QUBE Tire Inflator

The user-friendly ACCURA QUBE electronic pre-set unit offers superb value and fast, accurate air and nitrogen (N2) inflation.

This space-saving fixed indoor inflator made from high performance engineering plastic has the ability to inflate up to 174 psi (12 bar) and is ideal for garages, dealerships, car hire, roadside assistance vehicles, MOT centers and factories; where inflation and deflation with repeatable accuracy and ease of use are essential.

The pre-set function enables the operator to carry out other tasks during the inflation/deflation process. All the customer needs to do is pre-set the required pressure, place the connector on the tire, and let the inbuilt auto-start function do the rest.

Once the desire pressure is reached, you’ll hear an audible beep and the light on top of the unit will flash for as long as the connector is attached the tire valve.

The ACCURA QUBE can be easily switched between three applications modes:

Standard (STD)
For automatic inflation and deflation

Tireshop (TIR)
Overinflates the tire for bead seating and adjusts to correct the correct tire inflation afterwards.

Nitrogen Purge mode (N2P)
Nitrogen purging is an industry standard technique for eliminating unwanted gases and other impurities and replacing with an inert dry atmosphere.

During the start-up procedure initiation the current application is always shown. More information on how to switch between the three modes can be found later in the article.

In short, PCL’s ACCURA QUBE will save you time and money by providing accuracy, increased efficiency, uptime, and safety, whilst reducing effort and fatigue associated with inflating large, high-pressure tires from flat.

To get yours, contact your authorized PCL dealer today!

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