Off Road basics to inflating your tires – ready to get back on the road?

Off Road basics to inflating your tires is a series surrounding safety, accuracy, and reliability. You feel like a champ, you just finished those trails and enjoyed being part of the outside world for an entire weekend perhaps. Now that this particular journey has ended and you are back on flat and solid ground, it is time to air up your tires.  We did a quick entry about airing down your tires, if you missed it you can read it here. Things that you need to consider when you are getting ready to get back on the road.

  1. First of all, the obvious is to air up.  I hope you brought your compressor or simply ask a friend if you can use theirs.  You will need that air compressor and a good tire gauge before you start your journey home.
  2. DO NOT drive with under deflated tires to try to figure out where the next air tower service station exists. Driving on well under-inflated tires can cause major damage to your tires.
  3. A good tire gauge will not only show you an accurate PSI reading but can also serve as a tool to inflate all tires as well as deflate them.  You can see PCL’s list of handheld inflators here.
  4.  Make sure that when you are inflating again, match the manufacture’s recommended psi setting. Check it again once you get home, but let your tires cool down first, this often takes about 2-3 hours.

There you have it, Off Road basics to inflating your tires.  Always be prepared with the right tools to get to and from any adventure.   Drop us a line for any questions at

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