PCL’s Compressed Air Tools – Where is Compressed Air Used?

Compressed Air Tools

PCL’s Compressed Air Tools

Where is Compressed Air Used?

The most common use for compressed air that springs to mind is manufacturing and in automotive applications – with tire inflation at the top of the list.

As the global leader in the design and manufacture of the most advanced and comprehensive portfolio of tire inflation and compressed air products on the market, PCL provides guidance on the best and most cost-effective equipment available and how to use it!

At least 80% of industrial applications use compressed air in one or more of their processes, and PCL offers compressed air product for these applications.

Compressed air’s many benefits make it ideal for an extensive range of applications – in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, aviation, on trains and for a variety of leisure activities.

But did you know that compressed air is used in golf clubs, on submarines and even for gadgets fitted to a BMW driven by 007 himself?

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