PCL’s Linear Inflator – The Airlite Eco or Airforce MK4 (Part Two)

Linear Inflator

PCL’s Linear Inflator

The Airlite Eco or Airforce MK4 (Part Two)

As mentioned in our previous post, we talked about what is a linear tire inflator. Today we want to visit their uses:

What application is each inflator suitable for?

The new airlite eco is constructed from glass filled nylon polymer, providing natural insulation for a warm, robust feel. This economy inflator has been designed for less demanding environments or occasional use, therefore is a cost-effective addition to general trade or an enthusiast tool kit.

The premium AIRFORCE® MK4 with its aluminum die cast body, is more robust, hard-wearing and less prone to damage, therefore suitable for demanding tire shop and garage environments. The range also features high pressure models up to 300 psi, ideal for commercial vehicles, industrial and aviation applications.

What warranty is offered?

The airlite eco comes with a standard 1-year warranty, while the AIRFORCE® MK4 comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty extension reflects the longevity of the MK4 within the most demanding environments.

What are the product options?


airlite eco Tyre Inflator range

The airlite eco comes with a 16 inch hose and offers two options of tire valve connectors; a twin hold on connector or a euro clip on connector.

If you require a longer hose, the AIRFORCE® MK4 range features different hose lengths from 21 inch to 15 feet and a wide choice of tire valve connectors including twin-hold on, single clip-on and twin clip-on connectors.


We hope this helps you choose which inflator is right for you!

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