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PCL’s Digital Tire Pressure Gauge – Quality Construction

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

PCL’s DTI tire inflator is a high-quality pressure gauge that won’t break the bank. But don’t let the price make you think it’s cheap – all PCL gauges are made with high quality materials, made to be shock resistant, and each gauge comes with a calibration certificate to guarantee accuracy.

PCL’s Automatic Tire Inflator – The Qube is Made to Go With You!

PCL's Automatic Tire Inflator - The Qube is Made to Go With You!

As we mentioned in Monday’s blog about the Qube, this inflator/deflator tool is automatic and presetable – you can put in the values you want and walk away while the Qube does its job! It comes in two different power-supply options: the 110v and the 12v. Today we want to talk about the 12v.


We are about to embark into one of our favorite products inside PCL’s portfolio.  This is one of those products that if you know it or have purchased it, it becomes something you cannot do without. A must have gadget for the car aficionado; let’s dive into the introduction of the Accura Qube 4×4 automatic […]