PCL’s Linear Inflator – The Airlite Eco or Airforce MK4

Linear Inflator

PCL’s Linear Inflator

The Airlite Eco or Airforce MK4

What is a linear tire inflator?

Whether you choose a linear, dial or digital style handheld inflator is down to your personal requirements in terms of performance and style.

PCL’s linear tire inflators display a pressure reading on a horizontal scale, with the indicator position determined by the contraction of a carefully calibrated and sensitive spring delivered by the pressure in a tire or other vessel.

Two Stage Valve

The life and accuracy of the gauge is dependent upon the spring’s accuracy, as well as the valve mechanism, with PCL’s market-leading AIRFORCE® MK4 being the number one in the world. PCL’s range also includes the economy Airlite Eco Tire Inflator.

Economy airlite eco

airlite eco - Linear Display


AIRFORCE MK4 - Linear Display


When deciding which linear inflator is suitable for you, there are a few factors to consider. Stay tuned for more information in our next installment!




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