PCL’s Tire Inflator with Gauge – Cold Weather is Here!

Tire Inflator with Gauge

PCL’s Tire Inflator with Gauge

Cold Weather is Here!

We’ve said it before, so we know you’re aware, but for those just joining us:

Cold weather can influence the PSI of your tires! Now that we’re moving into those wintery months, it’s more important to check your tire pressures. Poor or incorrect pressure can cause your tires to wear unevenly, give you poor gas mileage, and, more importantly, can be dangerous on slippery/icy roads. Keep yourself safe and your car in tip-top shape with our ACCURA MK4 – our lightest and most durable tire pressure gauge.

This gauge is not just for off-roaders; it’s compact and can fit easily in the trunk, under a seat, or in a storage bin. It’s accurate to 0.1 PSI and comes in a handful of hose length and chuck options to ensure you get the setup that will fit you best!

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