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12v portable inflation offroad kit – The Qube 4×4

We made it to Friday!  More portable air inflator packages will be coming up this next quarter for our offroad truck and jeep community.  The existing 12v portable inflation offroad kit boasts an out of the box good looking unit with an integrated digital psi display and ceramic sensor for amazing accuracy.  You know what it’s […]

Off Road Multi Tire Inflation Deflation- PCL Qube 4 automatic

You know you are one of us if you crave to get away for the weekends; planning a trip to the beach, the mountains, the swamps.  There is something primal about us off-roaders, the guys and gals that just find a re-connection with nature where getting lost is not a big deal.   This brings up […]

The long road ahead- the importance of properly inflated tires

I set out for a drive with the local BMW Z car club throughout Texas’s hill country recently, where we encountered many types of weather.  As auto enthusiasts that we all are, we follow a mental check list before we head out to wherever the next drive will take us. Because a lot of these […]

PCL Qube automatic inflator- Did you know that …

We have been covering the PCL Qube automatic inflator this entire week as one of PCL’s most popular items within its portfolio. Did you know that a very significant feature of the QUBE is the fact that they are 100% inspected at the factory before being packed for shipment.  Each one is serialized with the […]

PCL Automatic tire inflators – ceramic sensor quality

The Qube automatic tire inflator in one of those solutions that carry tremendous value built right into its main electronics. PCL Automatic tire inflators have boasted over the years a ceramic pressure sensor; and you may be asking yourself what the big deal may be? Ceramic sensors speak quality and it shows in the manufacturing […]


We are about to embark into one of our favorite products inside PCL’s portfolio.  This is one of those products that if you know it or have purchased it, it becomes something you cannot do without. A must have gadget for the car aficionado; let’s dive into the introduction of the Accura Qube 4×4 automatic […]