12v portable inflation offroad kit – The Qube 4×4

We made it to Friday!  More portable air inflator packages will be coming up this next quarter for our offroad truck and jeep community.  The existing 12v portable inflation offroad kit boasts an out of the box good looking unit with an integrated digital psi display and ceramic sensor for amazing accuracy.  You know what it’s like when you are trying to use a gauge that may be off by as much as 5-7 psi.  A lot of that starts with not having the correct air chuck; this kit comes with an easy single clip on chuck that when it bites; it stays on.  We don’t want you wasting time with a chuck that leaks air.  Stay tuned as we continue to develop more packages for our enthusiast communities. Have a good weekend everyone !  

One thought on “12v portable inflation offroad kit – The Qube 4×4

  1. Lahr Parsons says:

    I have 38” air horns for my Dodge 1500 RAM and need a 12 volt air supply. Please tell me there is a way. Show me your QUBE. Is there an air tank?

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