We are about to embark into one of our favorite products inside PCL’s portfolio.  This is one of those products that if you know it or have purchased it, it becomes something you cannot do without. A must have gadget for the car aficionado; let’s dive into the introduction of the Accura Qube 4×4 automatic tire inflator. First and foremost; let’s get something out of the way. How many times do you stop to either inflate or deflate your tires?  Most people understand that this is not a single action. The Qube tire inflator can inflate and deflate your tires automatically in one motion, super light and compact; it can modestly rest on your garage wall or shop. Some of the words that have been used to describe our Qube in the past have been: “fast”, “accurate”, “safe”, “sleek”. This little guy at its core, is an inflator that can be optioned with 4 hoses to make sure all your tires stay at a safe operating range. Available in 110v and 12v for all those offroaders that need to inflate and deflate on the go.  We will expand on the QUBE 4X4 AUTOMATIC TIRE INFLATOR in the next two weeks and show you its full capabilities, so stay tuned. Remember to email your questions to sales@pcltireinflationusa.com

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