The long road ahead- the importance of properly inflated tires

I set out for a drive with the local BMW Z car club throughout Texas’s hill country recently, where we encountered many types of weather.  As auto enthusiasts that we all are, we follow a mental check list before we head out to wherever the next drive will take us. Because a lot of these cars sit during the week or may not be driven regularly; tire pressure becomes extremely important to not only maintain but also to check before taking out your garage queen. Here is the thinking and logic behind it:

  1. Low tire air pressure can cause erratic wear and is the number one cause of tire failures. You don’t want a tire failure out on the road.
  2. When you are driving spiritedly, carving out the curves ahead; properly inflated tires provide better vehicle handling, period. This by itself should be a huge reason as to the importance of properly inflated tires.
  3. You know how sometimes we all develop bad habits, you don’t want your tires to start developing bad wear patterns.

The lesson here about the importance of properly inflated tires is;  have fun, be safe, and enjoy your ride.   There is nothing better than leaving your garage knowing that you tires are all set to the correct pressure, so that you can focus on the road ahead.  



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