PCL’s Nitrogen Generator – A History of Nitrogen

PCL's Nitrogen Generator - A History of Nitrogen

PCL’s Nitrogen Generator

A History of Nitrogen

As we’ve covered over the last few days, nitrogen has been used for a long time in both aviation and car tires, and for good reasons (mostly because it’s inert and noncombustible, and loses pressure more slowly than oxygen). The first pneumatic airplane tire was developed by Goodyear in 1909; it’s not clear exactly when aviators began filling their tires with nitrogen, but after a Mexicana Boeing 727 crashed and killed 166 people due to an exploding tire filled with oxygen, the US FAA mandated that large airliners would now be required to fill their tires with nitrogen. It was also around this time that nitrogen became very commonplace for racing teams. Some tire retailers have even been adding nitrogen to their tires since the early 1960s.

So now you might be wondering, where do I get nitrogen for myself? Well, you’re in luck! Most tire retailers now carry nitrogen. Some will top off your tires with nitrogen for no fee, however, if you want the full benefit of nitrogen-filled tires, it’s best to have them purge your tires and refill them, which generally has a fee associated with it. The fees can be anywhere from $25-$100, depending on the service you need, so there’s also an option that may be more beneficial, depending on how often/how many tires you need to fill: check our leading line of nitrogen generators!

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