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PCL’s Nitrogen Generator – A History of Nitrogen

PCL's Nitrogen Generator - A History of Nitrogen

As we’ve covered over the last few days, nitrogen has been used for a long time in both aviation and car tires, and for good reasons (mostly because it’s inert and noncombustible, and loses pressure more slowly than oxygen). So now you might be wondering, where do I get nitrogen for myself? Well, you’re in luck!

PCL’s Nitrogen Generator – What is nitrogen?

PCL's Nitrogen Generator - What is nitrogen

Nitrogen (N2) is a naturally occurring gas that is found in the air we breathe. When we talk about N2 for your tires, however, we are talking about a processed gas that has had the impurities and moisture of regular air removed. N2 is commonly used in race cars and aircraft tires, so why is it becoming popular in passenger cars?