PCL’s Nitrogen Generators – A Range of Applications

PCL's Nitrogen Generators - A Range of Applications

PCL’s Nitrogen Generators

A Range of Applications

Nitrogen (N2) is a commonly used gas in a lot of different industry applications. Due to its inert properties, it is safer than gases such as oxygen, which sometimes pose a fire hazard. Nitrogen is used to preserve foods, fill light bulbs, to prepare samples in chemical analysis, in fire suppression systems, and to fill tires. Among the tire inflation applications, N2 is used to fill aircraft tires, race car tires, and commercial tires.

In aircraft tires, nitrogen’s inert property is key. Aircraft tires can be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, making the use of oxygen in aircraft tires dangerous. When maximum braking is applied to the tires, such as in an aborted take off or emergency landing, the tires can overheat and explode. N2 in the tire makes this a more controlled process, along with other fail safes built into the tires. N2 minimizes expansion and contraction from the temperature and pressure during the flight and does not contain moisture, which can increase the expansion rate and cause an explosion.

In race cars, nitrogen is beneficial because it stays consistent over time. Unlike oxygen, which permeates the tire more quickly, leading to faster loss, N2 molecules are larger and don’t seep out as quickly. This is extremely important in race car tires, where the slightest variation in PSI can affect handling at an extreme speed.

In commercial vehicles, such as large trucks, N2 helps to maintain consistent pressure over sets of tires and can help reduce incidents of inflation-related blowouts as the truck goes down the highway. It allows commercial drivers to go longer between top-offs, and can get better fuel economy and allow the tires to run cooler.

Overall, nitrogen offers a lot of benefits and is widely used in many different industries and applications. Stay with us as we dive more into the world of nitrogen and PCL’s nitrogen generators!

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