PCL’s Air Chucks – Barbed Fittings vs. Threaded Fittings

Air Chucks

PCL’s Air Chucks

Barbed Fittings vs. Threaded Fittings

PCL’s line of PRO CONNECT chucks come in two different fitting options: barbed and threaded. So you may have wondered, what is the difference?

  1. Threaded fittings are one of the most common types you’ll see. Generally, the threads are referred to NPT or National Pipe Threads. This is the standard that threads are measured by. You may also see threads broken down further into male or female; male threads are on the outside and female threads are on the inside. For the PRO CONNECT chuck, a male threader adapter is required on the end of the hose to attach the chuck to.
  2. Barbed fittings are sometimes referred to as Insert fittings. Barbs are inserted into tubing and clamped, which generally helps them stay in place better. Barbs do not all look the same; some can be larger, smaller, or more spaced out, depending on their use. For the PRO CONNECT chuck, the barbed ends can simply be inserted into a hose and clamped to stay in place.

So which is the best for you?

This depends on your usage. Are you planning to take the chuck off the end of the hose frequently and use other fittings? Then the threaded option may be better for you. Are you planning to attach the chuck and leave it? Then the barbed chuck is perfect for you!

Which of our air chucks option suits your needs best?

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