PCL’s Nitrogen Generator and Inflation Machine – The Nexus N72

Nitrogen Generator and Inflation Machine

PCL’s Nitrogen Generator and Inflation Machine

The Nexus N72

The NEXUS N72 combines PCL’s world-renowned digital pressure advancements with modern membrane nitrogen technology for the cost-effective delivery of high purity nitrogen quickly and quietly.

The compact unit is 100 percent ‘Made in Sheffield’ and is the latest technological innovation to be born out of PCL’s research and development team in Sheffield.

Half the size of a standard pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen system and around one third of the weight, the NEXUS N72 is powered by a rechargeable battery so it can easily be maneuvered around workspaces. The innovative new unit is also capable of inflating different front and rear tires, in seconds. It also comes with an industry-leading 5-year* nitrogen filter warranty, offering peace of mind for investment.

Used as standard in Formula One, nitrogen inflation carries numerous benefits for tire and industrial applications. Minimizing the oxygen content, which is present in standard air inflation, reduces permeation so tires maintain their optimum pressure for longer. Nitrogen’s dry properties also help minimize heat build-up inside the tire, preventing unwanted pressure increases and reducing oxidization of wheel trims. As an inert gas, nitrogen does not support combustion so it is often used in mining and aircraft applications.

As well as ensuring tires stay at the correct level for longer, compared to traditional – and often imported PSA systems – the NEXUS N72 boasts best-in-class nitrogen purge and fill function to provide the highest level of purity in the tire.

The benefits of nitrogen inflation for the road user and fleet manager include better fuel economy, extended tire life and increased safety.

For workshops and tire service providers, benefits include increased profits and greater customer retention.

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