PCL’s Compressed Air – What Are the Benefits?

Compressed Air

PCL’s Compressed Air

What Are the Benefits?

Compressed air is used in a lot of applications. What are some of the benefits of compressed air over other methods?

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Top of the list, safety is a key factor in choosing compressed air over electricity, battery, or steam.

There is no danger of electric shocks, steam burns or running out of charge as with batteries. Unlike electricity, compressed air can be used in wet, humid or explosive conditions, and air tools can withstand extreme temperatures and environments.

Compressed air is clean, and therefore ideal for applications where hygiene and air quality are crucial, and leaks are not toxic to the atmosphere.

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Easy to access and store

Since compressed air comes from the same air we breathe, it is freely available. To store it, air is compressed to a smaller size and kept, pressurized, in tanks or bottles. This makes it portable and easy to have on hand in locations where there is no power source.


Lightweight and easy to use

Pneumatic tools can be manufactured from material that is lightweight and ergonomic, and designed to be used comfortably over long periods. This means users will not experience the same fatigue as with power tools.

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Since compressed air can be stored in portable bottles and tanks it can be used for applications in remote locations, such as on construction sites or farms. It also allows air tools to be used in high usage areas, for example in a busy workshop where space is a premium, removing the need for cables and extension leads.

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Pneumatic tools are more powerful than electric power tools, and offer variable speed and torque for high pressure applications.

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PCL’s air tools are robust and built to last and withstand demanding conditions which would cause damage to electric tools.


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Easy to maintain

Tools to be used with compressed air are designed for use in harsh environments and for longevity of life. They feature fewer working parts, so there is less that can go wrong and they are easier to maintain. In addition, tools are cheaper to replace than power tools.

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