PCL’s Handheld Inflator – The DTI

Handheld Inflator

PCL’s Handheld Inflator


What is the DTI inflator?

  1. Value
    • This entry-level gauge is perfect for your garage and your pocketbook. With a price that makes it accessible, this gauge will give you that professional-level inflator and PSI reading you need.
  2. Accuracy
    • This gauge, like all PCL gauges, comes with an accuracy guarantee that your readings will be accurate to within 1 PSI.
  3. Quality
    • This robust gauge is easy to use, fits well in your hand, and comes with a digital, backlit display.
  4. Efficiency
    • This gauge will read your PSI, inflate and deflate, all in one system. No measuring and switching; this is a one-stop-shop tool!

If you haven’t gotten your DTI handheld inflator yet, what are you waiting for? Add this tool to your kit today! Email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com!

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