PCL’s Off-Road Tire Inflation Kit

Tire Inflation

PCL’s Off-Road Tire Inflation Kit

The Maverick 4×4

Combining the proven ruggedness of a metal analog inflator gauge with the accuracy and ease of a digital gauge, the ACCURA® MK4x4 is taking inflation to a new level by offering off-road adventurers leading inflation and deflation rates along with high performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. With the option of being able to connect or disconnect to the four hose manifold you can choose to inflate, deflate or read the tire pressure of one tire or all four tires at once. And with the large LCD backlit display and selectable units of pressure reading this makes it the most versatile digital handheld product PCL has ever launched, and now with the ability to inflate or deflate up to 4 tires simultaneously specifically designed for the Off-Road user. The ACCURA® MK4x4 is geared to go wherever you want to go, with its small footprint and lightweight yet robust chassis, this new kit is all about YOU!

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