PCL’s Best Tire Inflator with Gauge – Form Follows Function

PCL's Best Tire Inflator with Gauge

PCL’s Best Tire Inflator with Gauge

Form Follows Function

The best example of an exotic car is one where form follows function. Take the beautiful Pagani Huayra (pronounced [ˈwai̯ra]), whose shape is aerodynamic but beautifully sculpted, especially those sideview mirrors.

Just like the Hauyra, PCL’s MK4 was designed with form and function in mind; you’ll feel it when you hold it. The sleek, biomorphic, metal body fits easily in your hand, allowing you to comfortably and quickly check your pressures, inflate, or deflate. Rugged enough for off-road use, but always accurate, this gauge is diverse and ready to work in whatever niche it fits best, delivering high performance in indoor and outdoor environments. The large LCD backlit display makes the MK4 the most versatile digital handheld product PCL has ever launched.

Have an MK4? We want to see it!  Share your pics, stories, and successes with us on Instagram with the hashtag #PCLlove! For questions or to get your PCL gear, email us!

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