PCL’s Air Machine – The Nexus Line of Nitrogen Inflators

Air Machine

PCL’s Air Machine

The Nexus Line of Nitrogen Inflators

The N72 Nitrogen Generator and Inflator Cart is the latest evolution of Nitrogen generator and inflator units from PCL.

This compact and innovative unit combines PCL’s globally recognized digital inflation technology with modern Nitrogen generation technology, delivering high purity Nitrogen to the tire quickly and quietly.

The N72 supersedes PCL’s NEXUS range with added features and end-user benefits, while maintaining the ability to convert up to 4 air-filled tires to 95%+ Nitrogen simultaneously with a touch of a button. Powered by a rechargeable 12V battery, the N72 can easily be moved around service centers and tire shops without a power cord trailing behind and in the way. Additionally, this unit is about half the size of a standard PSA system of its kind in the market, and around a third of its weight! This unit gives you ultimate flexibility and mobility.

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