PCL’s Array of Tire Inflation Tools

Tire Inflation Tools

PCL’s Array of Tire Inflation Tools

Gear Up for Cooler Weather

We mentioned it yesterday, but we want to mention it again: as temperatures fluctuate, so too do our tire pressures.

Make sure you keep an eye on your pressures as the temps change with your PCL gauge and inflator! Keep your tires at their optimal inflation so that you can reduce uneven wear, extend the life of your tires, get better gas mileage, and overall have a safer ride. And be sure to have your pressures checked regularly and your PSI adjusted, especially if you experience a sudden temperature fluctuation (heat wave, cold snap, etc.). Stay safe out there as the cold weather starts to roll in!

We have a wide range of tire inflation tools to fit any need, so take a look and grab the one that is perfect for you!

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