PCL’s Tire Inflator With Gauge – The MK4 and Maverick 4×4

PCL's Tire Inflator With Gauge

PCL’s Tire Inflator With Gauge

The MK4 and Maverick 4×4 for Rallying

Here’s some quick trivia for you:

  • Currently there are 4 groups in the World Rally Championships – the World Rally Championship, World Rally Championship-2, World Rally Championship-3, and Junior World Rally Championship.
  • WRC-3 is meant for Rally2 cars owned by privateer drivers and has a lower entry cost than WRC-2.
  • J-WRC is run by M-Sport and intended to be an entry-level competition for drivers under the age of 29; Ford Fiesta Rally4 cars are provided to the entrants.
  • New, elite Rally1 cars will be debuted at the WRC in 2022, replacing the World Rally Car.

Which rally group is your favorite?

If you’re in need of a fantastically elite and rugged tire inflator with gauge for your rally car, the MK4 is the way to go! Slim with a metal body and designed to take a beating and keep going, this gauge is perfect for any road conditions you may encounter! And paired to the Maverick 4×4 kit, this gauge will have you ready to go and back in the race in no time! Share your pics with us on Instagram with the hashtag #PCLlove! For questions or to get your PCL gear, email us!

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