PCL’s Best Tire Pressure and Inflation Gauge

PCL's Best Tire Pressure and Inflation Gauge

PCL’s Best Tire Pressure and Inflation Gauge

Industry-Leading Engineering and Software

PCL’s tire pressure and inflation gauge features industry-leading engineering and software to guarantee accuracy and ease-of-use. The Accura 1 is a robust unit, with a ceramic sensor paired with PCL’s patented software algorithms, making it strong and accurate to 0.2 PSI. It is easy to use, with a biomorphic handle which makes it easy to check your tire pressure with a half-press, inflate with a full press, and deflate by pressing a button. This gauge is an excellent tool to carry in your truck, keep in your garage, or to use in your shop. Keep your car’s tire at optimal inflation for better tire-life, better gas mileage, and overall better performance. This is one tool you absolutely cannot miss out on!

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