PCL’s High Pressure Tire Inflator Gauge

PCL's High Pressure Tire Inflator Gauge

PCL’s High Pressure Tire Inflator Gauge

The Accura 5 Aircraft Tire Inflator

PCL’s Accura 5 Aviation Tire Inflator is the latest in our line of high pressure tire inflators. This gauge can check your pressure, inflate, and deflate, easily and accurately. The Accura 5 builds on the benefits of the Accura 1 digital inflator, making it able to withstand higher pressures and making it suitable for applications such as filling truck tires or airplane tires.

The Accura 5 boasts metal inlet and outlet valves, metal internal fittings, ceramic sensors, and strong engineering plastics to withstand high pressures and high usage. It can inflate with nitrogen, air, and other gases from 3 to 319 PSI.  It enables the operator to provide accurate tire pressures with its digital readout. It is available with 8v or 12v screw-on connectors and 4G1 Hydraulic Oil Resistant Armored Hoses. The inflator is the new standard in aviation/high pressure applications!

Questions? Need an Accura 5? Email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com!

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