PCL’s High Pressure Tire Gauge and Inflator

PCL's High Pressure Tire Gauge and Inflator

PCL’s High Pressure Tire Gauge and Inflator

Airforce MK4 Truck Tire Inflator

PCL’s high pressure tire gauge and inflator, the Airforce MK4, is an industry standard in truck tire inflation. Able to withstand the high pressures associated with airing up truck tires, the Airforce MK4 is the gauge and inflator/deflator you need in your service center, garage, or tool box. Its lightweight and robust design makes it easy to pack away, and it comes with a 15′ hose option for your safety.

The Airforce MK4 meets OSHA guidelines, allowing you to stand at a safe distance as you fill your high pressure tires. It has an easy-to-read analog gauge and is accurate to 2 PSI. This gauge and inflator/deflator provides safe, cost-effective, and trouble-free high pressure inflation with guaranteed accuracy. Paired with our angled twin chucks, your tires should be safer, last longer, and provide better fuel economy.

Have questions? Ready to get your PCL Airforce MK4? Email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com.

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