PCL’s Nitrogen Generator and Inflator – The NEXUS N6

PCL's Nitrogen Generator and Inflator - The NEXUS N6

PCL’s Nitrogen Generator and Inflator


The launch of the NEXUS range means that PCL can now offer cost effective nitrogen inflation units to cover all applications from passenger car tires to large commercial tires and OTR applications. We’ve built upon previous NEXUS iterations, leading up to the pinnacle in our line of nitrogen generation equipment: the NEXUS N6.

The NEXUS N6 is the big brother to the NEXUS N72; more powerful and more functional. The N6 features a taller build for faster inflation time, auto-start inflation, a purge cycle, and guaranteed accuracy to 1 PSI with a ceramic sensor. It comes standard with four 25-foot hoses with single clip-on chucks, capable of filling four tires at once. Three 90 mm castors allow for portability with more stability and flexibility. If you’re a shop owner looking to scale up your business and take your nitrogen game to the next level, PCL is ready to take you there! Trusted for over 80 years for reliability, durability, and accuracy, our nitrogen generators come with a promise – when you purchase a PCL product, you’re getting a professional-grade product backed by our tremendous customer service.

Have questions? Ready to get your N6? Email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com!

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