PCL’s Automatic Tire Inflator – The Qube

PCL's Automatic Tire Inflator - The Qube

PCL’s Automatic Tire Inflator

The Qube

Looking for a “set it and forget it” style of tire inflator or deflator? Then the Qube 110v is PCL’s automatic tire inflator for you! The Qube is perfect for an individual or garage that needs efficiency and accuracy and a product that does its job without needing to be minded. 

Watch this video about the Qube!

The Qube 110v comes in two models, one with a single 16′ hose and lock-on chuck, as well as one with four 25′ hoses and lock-on chucks. The single-hose unit is perfect for the person who wants the flexibility to air up or down with a preset-able unit that does its job quickly. The four-hose unit is great for the garage or individual who wants the efficiency and ease-of-use to air up or down four tires at once. All of PCL’s tire inflators are built with accuracy in mind.

The Qube has three modes: standard inflate/deflate, tire shop (features overpressure), and nitrogen (with a top off and complete purge option). All you need to do is input your required pressure and the Qube, with its auto-start function, does the rest! Stay tuned for the next post when we talk about the Qube 110v’s cousin, the Qube 12v! For more information, email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com or chat with us online!

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