PCL On-Road Performance with the DTI Tire Inflator

PCL On-Road Performance with the DTI Tire Inflator

High-end toys should require the best gauges on the market. From the shop to your garage at home, don’t use anything other than superior products on your cars. The DTI Tire Inflator is the best gauge for your performance vehicle needs. It’s easy to use, has a robust build, and a price tag that won’t break the bank. It’s suitable for all kinds of tire applications and a must-have for all enthusiast and tire shop tool boxes.

It features a hand trigger inflate and thumb operated deflate button so that you can achieve accurate tire pressure quickly and efficiently. It has a backlit LCD screen for use in low-light areas and includes a battery life indicator, as well as an auto power-off function to preserve battery life. Measurements can be taken with different units of pressure, which can be changed with the simple push of a button!

The DTI inflator makes professional-grade inflation tools available at an entry-level price and is a great addition to your garage or workshop.

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