Intro to the Qube line up- Automatic tire inflation systems

Hey guys how is it going? We’re back to introduce you to one of our favorite products. The … wait for dramatic effect… Qube. The Qube is probably going to be the best automatic inflator you’re going to encounter in your lifetime. The Qube lineup consists of two 110V variations and a standard 12V variation. The first 110V model is simply called the Qube 4. It brings the 110V model and a single 16 foot hose with its own lock-on chuck. On the other hand we have the Qube 44×25 that brings four 25 foot hoses with 4 single lock-on chucks respectively. Somebody that would just want to use a simple preset for airing up would probably go for the first option and a person that is all about efficiency and 4 tire inflation will go towards the 44×25. The Qube 6 is the 12V model. This works mostly for mobile use due to its versatility. It doesn’t bring any hoses and normally works as the center part for your custom inflation set up, this is why it has gained a nice following in the off road community. If you have any questions on the Qube or anything tire inflation related contact us at

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