Tire inflator gauge accuracy, Best in class in our industry

PCL Accura-Mk4-best-in-class-accuracy
PCL Accura-Mk4-best-in-class-accuracy

One of the most amazing things found in the premium ACCURA® MK4x4 Maverick tire inflation kit is the digital tire inflator gauge. This tire inflator gauge accuracy dates back to the 1950’s where PCL built its reputation on being precise. When you think of a digital tire gauge, precision is not something that quickly rises to top of your thoughts. The MK4 is changing that mentality by introducing, a best in class, 0.1 psi incremental readings. PCL is bringing a game changer, widening the quality gap between DIY solutions and other generic gauges. Take for example an off-roader that needs to inflate from 10 psi back up to 32 psi, at a rate of 1-2 psi per second, this inflator flexes its muscles by getting you back up in less than 50 second all while measuring to nearest 0.1 psi level. 

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6 reasons why the ACCURA® MK4x4 Maverick is the Inflator you need

A los of people have been asking us why we consider the ACCURA® MK4x4 Maverick the best option on the market for off-roaders. Today we’re bringing you 6 different reasons why. 

  1. The ACCURA is ACCURAte: Our inflator boasts a best in class accuracy of 0.1 psi. Fighting that 2-4 psi fluctuation can be a burden with TPMS going off in your dash. The goal is time savings and accuracy for your peace of mind. 
  2. It can take the pressure: the ACCURA® MK4x4 max supply pressure is 260 psi (while still giving you that 0.1 psi accuracy), where other gauges can only take an average of 80-100 PSI. 
  3. The build: there’s nothing like having in your hand a product speaks loudly “build quality” as soon as you hold it. The full alloy body in comparison to plastic or rubber makes this inflator feel professional-grade. It can be thrown around and loves to live outside where most of play.
  4. Airflow = Speed: Our inner seals and pistons are designed to handle a lot of pressure, therefore allowing the most airflow, achieving an incredible airing up rate of 1-2 PSI/second. You can go from 10 psi to 32 psi in no time, of course, given the right compressor CFM’s doing heavy the lifting.
  5. It can do both: This is a single device that can take the place of multiple tire inflation tools. The MK4 is an inflator that also deflates when you half press the lever, while giving you an accurate reading tire pressure reading on its backlit LCD screen. You can do all these function without having connect and disconnect tire chucks. Again, we take efficiency seriously. 
  6. Your tires, Your choice: The off-road inflator kit (ACCURA Maverik MK4x4) does not lock you in or forces you to use it exclusively at 4 tires at a time. The kit is made to be flexible. You can disconnect it from the air manifold and reattach the included zero air loss chuck and use that as a single tire at a time configuration. 

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