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PCL continues to have power issues due to the severity of this winter storm. Please continue to reach out to your sales representatives for any questions or visit us online through the chat and social media channels for updates. Hope everyone is safe and warm out there, hoping to be operational by tomorrow, Wednesday Feb […]


In light of the extreme winter weather in the Houston area, our offices will be closed Monday Feb 15th.. Updates will be provided throughout our social channels as well as on our corresponding websites. For further details, get in touch with your account representative as well as our online chats to continue to provide you […]

Air Compressor CFMs simplified – off road tire inflation


Air compressors work by continuously pulling in air and mechanically squeezing it through internally-moving components, ultimately to be usable to air up our tires.   Maximum air volume that your compressor can generate is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), I’m sure you guys heard us mention this term several times. CFM’s needs to be […]

PCL zero-air-loss tire air chucks

PCL zero-air-loss tire air chucks

Hey guys! Welcome back to the PCL blog. Today we want to talk about something that we’re really excited to share will all of you. As a tire inflation manufacturing company, you guys know that we’re committed to making every single part of the inflation experience as efficient and reliable as possible. That’s why recently […]

Tire inflator gauge accuracy, Best in class in our industry

PCL Accura-Mk4-best-in-class-accuracy

One of the most amazing things found in the premium ACCURA® MK4x4 Maverick tire inflation kit is the digital tire inflator gauge. This tire inflator gauge accuracy dates back to the 1950’s where PCL built its reputation on being precise. When you think of a digital tire gauge, precision is not something that quickly rises to top […]

PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit- Accuracy, heritage, speed.

PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit. When we look at the off-road community, the passion and camaraderie that is bursting here is simply priceless. We are very thankful for the feed-back received during the development of this kit. The up and coming professional grade, PCL off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit is a game changer for […]