PCL MK4 tire inflator deflator gauge – changing units of measurement

PCL MK4 tire inflator deflator gauge

The PCL MK4 tire inflator deflator gauge, part of the ACCURA Maverick 4×4 kit has 3 functions built-in, where you are able to toggle between units of measurements. 

1. Out of the box, the inflator/ deflator will be set to read in PSI (Pounds per square inch) 

2. The option to change that setting to BAR, which is a metric unit of pressure set at less than the current average atmosphere pressure, can be done by pressing and holding the button shown. 

3. Last, the option to change to kPA, another unit of pressure widely used worldwide, is available by also pressing and holding down the main button on your inflator gauge. 

If you are in the US, the most familiar setting will be PSI readings which is what most of us are used to. However, some of our international friends and customers can benefit from having metric measurements. We are all about making everyone happy.. 


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