PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit- Accuracy, heritage, speed.

PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit.

When we look at the off-road community, the passion and camaraderie that is bursting here is simply priceless. We are very thankful for the feed-back received during the development of this kit.

The up and coming professional grade, PCL off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit is a game changer for many reasons. The primary is all about accuracy in a body that is rugged and meant to be outdoors. When I say accuracy, I am talking down to a 0.1 psi level, it is that accurate. Second, the kit is super compact and will work with your existing air supply systems, being a Power Tank or Air compressor.

Stay tuned as we get closer to deploying this new Off-road 4 tire inflation bundle; it is a game changer. 

Email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com



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