A deeper look into our passion for tire inflation- PCL goes way back

2020 marks our 82nd anniversary year. We are taking a short history trip to look for the spark that started the passion for tire inflation. This story is all about reinventing a company, its people, and its brand. This is a deeper look into our passion for tire inflation.

The year was 1940, PCL was restructuring after heavy bombing in the town of Sheffield. This opened up new opportunities for aircraft parts contracts during this difficult period. Ultimately, this became a major turning point where PCL implemented higher standards of precision engineering across its entire manufacturing process of aircraft components, leading to only 0.01% of these parts ever being rejected. The mid 1940’s brought even more contract opportunities because of how fast PCL’s reputation was spreading, one of them being the development of a new tire pressure gauge requiring higher precision and accuracy. This was the spark that had ignited the company to not only re-engineered its self coming out of WWII, but gave birth to a brand new line of tire gauges.

Consequently, PCL became the leading company in tire pressure gauge production and by the 1950’s; it had expanded its new product line to international markets. Fast forward to the 1970’s, where we find the start of digital gauges with full R&D support carving a brand new direction. By the 1980’s, the first digital gauges were being launched into the market followed by the robust and well known air towers of today. PCL has stuck with this recipe by fully concentrating on its core products, and establishing a new tag line, “driven by air”. This new direction became embedded in its culture, influencing domestic as well as international markets.

PCL’s dedication for innovation, and the technical process of developing and manufacturing world class pneumatic tire inflation equipment, led to the deployment of new products such as Nitrogen Generators, The ACCURA 5, and the Qube, which is its smallest automatic tire inflator.

PCL USA is now taking up the baton in creating a new chapter that will continue the passion for tire inflation equipment. With a deep heritage and history, we are looking ahead at developing unique solutions with the highest quality for tire inflation equipment.

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