PCL Tire Air lock-on chuck- CH2KO1 5/16″ barb connection

We are back highlighting now the next member of PCL’s chuck family. Introducing the 5/16″ barb, PCL Tire Air lock-on chuck- CH2KO1

This is PCL’s second straight hose barb., the first one that we previously discussed was the 1/4″ CH2HO1.  This second single clip on air chuck has various benefits which we will highlight on this brief entry to bring everyone up to speed.

Specifications include 5/16″ hose barb inlet , materials used are zinc allow and aluminum.

One of the best features is its flexibility to utilize your bigger 5/16″ hose type .  This same design allows you more flexibility to get into tighter areas, similar to the rest of the chuck family.  In typical fashion, if you need to tighten up the bite, turn it clockwise for even greater massive lock.  To release, you simply press the button and the head comes off with no effort.

Customers love them for their new look, and ease of connecting it to your tire stem without the concern of not having a good connection or grip.  This PCL Tire Air lock-on chuck- CH2KO1 straight clip on chuck  is available now, email us with any questions to sales @ pcltireinflationusa.com

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