PCL lock on air chucks- a brief history

PCL has been in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of the most comprehensive portfolio of tire inflation and compressed air products.  For the last 40 years; this brand has produced quality PCL lock on air chucks.

This year, in the US, we say goodbye to the historical beginning for these lock-on chucks, only to path the way for the new improved monster-bite lock on replacements.   For many decades, the robust and reliable CO2 single clip on connector carried exceptional quality for that time frame, but enhancements were already being discussed internally for a more modern and easier to use air chuck.

When you look at the evolution of the automotive wheels, we can all conclude that they have gotten bigger with intricate designs, making valves more challenging to reach by hand.  This point pushed the creative minds at PCL to start assembling a new development team to facilitate an improved version.  Consequently, where the previous champ was a single model straight chuck, the new range now consists of standard straight as well as 90-degree connectors for those difficult to reach valves, with both hose tail fitting and female threaded versions.available.
Stay tuned as we dive into the new chucks next week.

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