Garage equipment- checking your tire pressure accurately and efficiently.

The summer months are here and hopefully we can safely get back to our normal work lives and summer schedules.

As you begin to hit the road, checking your tire pressure accurately should become standard routine. All of us here at PCL are passionate about maintaining our vehicles and checking tire pressure as a top priority. You may new to our PCL line, as you explore this new site you will find many solutions to not only check your tires, but also packages that inflate and deflate your tires. Take for example, the globally known and used Accura MK4 digital inflator/deflator. This tire pressure gauge is built tough and can not only read your tire pressure accurately, but it also inflates and deflates.

As we all come together and push forward, let’s not forget about the small details. Remember that, creating good healthy habits is important so be safe out there on the road.

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