ACCURA MK4 digital inflator

ACCURA MK4 digital inflator- taking care of the off road community

PCL is so focused on giving you the best experience through tire inflation. Accuracy, robustness, and efficiency, all from a single device.

We are happy to be bringing these proven products into the community that loves to get lost on weekends while traveling through Mohab.  Here is to everyone that loves the thrill of the wild, the adventure, the destination and the feel of taking in the outdoors.  Let’s keep exploring, live large! Tag a friend that can review or use this device.

The ACCURA MK4 digital inflator has caught the attention of many; send us your questions or interests at


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passion for tire inflation

A deeper look into our passion for tire inflation- PCL goes way back

2020 marks our 82nd anniversary year. We are taking a short history trip to look for the spark that started the passion for tire inflation. This story is all about reinventing a company, its people, and its brand. This is a deeper look into our passion for tire inflation.

The year was 1940, PCL was restructuring after heavy bombing in the town of Sheffield. This opened up new opportunities for aircraft parts contracts during this difficult period. Ultimately, this became a major turning point where PCL implemented higher standards of precision engineering across its entire manufacturing process of aircraft components, leading to only 0.01% of these parts ever being rejected. The mid 1940’s brought even more contract opportunities because of how fast PCL’s reputation was spreading, one of them being the development of a new tire pressure gauge requiring higher precision and accuracy. This was the spark that had ignited the company to not only re-engineered its self coming out of WWII, but gave birth to a brand new line of tire gauges.

Consequently, PCL became the leading company in tire pressure gauge production and by the 1950’s; it had expanded its new product line to international markets. Fast forward to the 1970’s, where we find the start of digital gauges with full R&D support carving a brand new direction. By the 1980’s, the first digital gauges were being launched into the market followed by the robust and well known air towers of today. PCL has stuck with this recipe by fully concentrating on its core products, and establishing a new tag line, “driven by air”. This new direction became embedded in its culture, influencing domestic as well as international markets.

PCL’s dedication for innovation, and the technical process of developing and manufacturing world class pneumatic tire inflation equipment, led to the deployment of new products such as Nitrogen Generators, The ACCURA 5, and the Qube, which is its smallest automatic tire inflator.

PCL USA is now taking up the baton in creating a new chapter that will continue the passion for tire inflation equipment. With a deep heritage and history, we are looking ahead at developing unique solutions with the highest quality for tire inflation equipment.

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National truck driver week 2020

National truck driver week 2020- PCL is celebrating this week

Think about this for a moment, almost every aspect of our daily life is touched by a truck driver delivering groceries, medical supplies, fuel, etc..

Starting September 13-20, TECALEMIT is celebrating our road warriors.  National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for all of us to take a moment and say thank you to all professional truck drivers out there.

This year is of special significance due to the important role that our drivers have played during the Covid-19 pandemic.   The 3 million professional men and women delivering essential gear, supplies, food, etc… have taken one of our economy’s most demanding jobs.

Let’s join the thousands of people who have already begun showing their appreciation for the essential role these drivers play in our lives.   National truck driver week 2020 is here, let’s show our support.


PCL has been taking care of our commercial truck lanes for many years by offering state of the line high pressure inflators/deflator gauges.  Go online and shop for some of these items to thank a truck driver in your life.  Visit :

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Inflating your 4 off road tires at the same time

The development process- Inflating your 4 off road tires at the same time

Quick update:  A new kit that will work with existing air compressors, currently being developed.  Inflating your 4 off road tires at the same time easily, safely, and accurately is coming very soon.

Those of you that may have rigged up your own set up, just to get you by, will love some of the new upcoming features.  Stay tuned on the latest development/releases this month.

Looking for specific information; do not hesitate to reach out through email at or by calling us at 281 446 7300.

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Off Road basics to inflating your tires

Off Road basics to inflating your tires – ready to get back on the road?

Off Road basics to inflating your tires is a series surrounding safety, accuracy, and reliability. You feel like a champ, you just finished those trails and enjoyed being part of the outside world for an entire weekend perhaps. Now that this particular journey has ended and you are back on flat and solid ground, it is time to air up your tires.  We did a quick entry about airing down your tires, if you missed it you can read it here.

Things that you need to consider when you are getting ready to get back on the road.

  1. First of all, the obvious is to air up.  I hope you brought your compressor or simply ask a friend if you can use theirs.  You will need that air compressor and a good tire gauge before you start your journey home.
  2. DO NOT drive with under deflated tires to try to figure out where the next air tower service station exists. Driving on well under-inflated tires can cause major damage to your tires.
  3. A good tire gauge will not only show you an accurate PSI reading but can also serve as a tool to inflate all tires as well as deflate them.  You can see PCL’s list of handheld inflators here.
  4.  Make sure that when you are inflating again, match the manufacture’s recommended psi setting. Check it again once you get home, but let your tires cool down first, this often takes about 2-3 hours.

There you have it, Off Road basics to inflating your tires.  Always be prepared with the right tools to get to and from any adventure.   Drop us a line for any questions at

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Off road basics to deflating your tires

Off road basics to deflating your tires- ready to hit the trails

Ok exciting, you are gearing up for the weekend to take your rig off the beaten path, let’s dive into off road basics to deflating your tires.  Deflating your tires is probably the most important thing that you will need to do, and the reason behind it has everything to do with traction.  A simple drop in air pressure will make a big difference when you are hitting obstacles out on the trail.  The fundamentals of airing down has everything to do with boosting traction when you are in sand, snow, dirt, mud, or rocks.  There are a few opinions as to what is the best psi rating when you are deflating; some people will say 20-25 psi, others will say air down to 15 psi for wheels without bead lock so make sure you keep a close eye on your tires. In the end, do your own research based on the type of offloading you will be doing.  We always feel the need to have an accurate reading when we are airing down so we love the Mk4 digital or the Acura 1 digital tire inflator/deflator and pressure gauge (Accuracy is 0.1 and 0.2 respectively).

Stay safe out in the trails, you can always hit us up at

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PCL digital tire inflator gauges

Extreme Off road basics- Tires + PCL digital tire inflator gauges

We are excited to kick off this next segment by bringing up a few highlights for those of you just now venturing out into the trails. It may be obvious or not, but tires will play a huge role in how well your vehicle will perform, whether you are driving your 4×4 or your 2WD rig. One very important note is to understand the importance of deflating your tires when you are well underway in our adventure. PCL digital tire inflator gauges plus a good set of AT tires are a winning combo.

Some of the most popular tires as of this entry are the Bridgestone K02’s these tires just look the part and they show up in a big way. The other tire manufacturer that has gained a lot of popularity is Toyo, their open country AT II has been a favorite for a lot of us, and they recently came out with the AT III making the offering even better. Cooper is also a very popular player with their Discoverer AT tire line up. Of course, these are just a few of the favorites out there so do your research on the type of offroading that you will be doing and always practice safety first.

If you need additional information on our PCL digital tire inflator gauges, send us an email at


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Tire tread patterns and why they matter

Tire tread patterns and why they matter- PCL USA inside scoop

As we dive more and more into informative and educational articles; we will always keep coming back to tires and their overall health. This is, of course, for safety reasons as well making sure that you get the most out of them. So, let’s dive into it; tire tread patterns and why they matter. This short entry will focus on commercial truck tires and what engineers take into account when designing these different tread patterns.

Let’s take the comparison of a commercial truck that experiences a high amount of braking and acceleration vs a long haul truck that will experience higher speeds with predominantly straight line driving. The latter will expect better fuel economy while the truck that starts and stops often will require a different tread design due to constant scrubbing from its tires.

When engineers look at these tire patterns; fewer sipes, straight ribs, and less tire tread depth all translate into lower rolling resistance which is what long haul truck drivers will more than likely look for.  Engineers know that there is constant battle to find the right balance to maximize fuel efficiency and performance. In the example of the truck that stops and starts during its normal operating day, an open shoulder design along with a deeper tread allows for the most traction, benefiting that driver in multiple ways.

In these two short examples, we can see the importance of tire tread patterns and why they matter. Engineers understand and take into consideration the effects on traction, braking, acceleration, tire mileage, fuel efficiency, noise levels, comfort and durability. All a perfect balance that requires “tread patterns specialists” who know what works best in specific applications. Speaking of traction, you’be surprised how much impact tire tread compound has on overall traction.  Stay tuned for next month…

Learn what other measures PCL is adding to highlight the importance of tire tread patterns and why they matter by sending us an email at


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Digital hand held Tire Inflator with pressure gauge

Digital hand held Tire Inflator with pressure gauge- PCL ACCURA 1

Durability and accuracy are one of the two most common words used when describing the PCL line of digital hand held tire inflator with pressure gauge.   I cannot tell enough how important durability is when working in your garage, I don’t like to treat things delicately specially if I am pressed for time.    In this entry, the ACCURA 1 tire inflator with digital pressure gauge is a favorite among automotive enthusiasts.   Matt with “Obsessed Garage” took the time to review the line up and the ACCURA 1 landed as one of his favorite inflators for ergonomics and accuracy.  You can watch the review by hitting this link, Obsessed Garage review.

The take away, there are many mainstream products that may do an ok job; but if you want heritage, value, and the engineering behind it; the Accura 1 tire inflator with built in digital gauge is tough to pass up.  My favorite take away; it is an inflator and a deflator at the same time.

You can get in touch by emailing us at or dialing 281 446 7300.

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Garage tire inflation equipment

Garage tire inflation equipment- improving your work flow

Working in your garage should not be chaotic; if you are an enthusiast, your garage should be a place of caring for your equipment in the most efficient and safe manner. When it comes to garage tire inflation equipment, tire pressure gauges tend to be very frustrating and time consuming, or the complete opposite, a joy to use. That’s right, when was the last time you ever head anyone say the word “joy’ paired with a tire pressure gauge. The following are the major highlights of the Mk4 Digital tire inflator for your garage:

  1. First and foremost, you don’t need a pressure gauge and an inflator simply because the MK4 can be both. When you connect your air hose to your tire stem, the MK4 wakes up and instantly gives you an accurate reading.
  2. By pressing all the way down on the lever, now the MK4 becomes a powerful inflator.
  3. By pressing half way down, the Mk4 becomes a deflator,which is a very unique and cool feature.

So as you can see, you can check pressure, inflate and deflate your tires in one single motion.  This is what should compliment your garage for a positive experience.

For any questions on availability and pricing, email us at



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