4 off-road tire inflation premium kit

4 off-road tire inflation premium kit- Holiday specials 2020

4 off-road tire inflation premium kit

Happy Holidays everyone! What a crazy year this has been, we are thankful for the off-road community that has continued to find ways to normalize what is going on all around us by allowing us to escape into nature, the beach, and other fantastic overlanding adventures.

If you are not following us on Instagram, head over there now to look at all the existing promotions currently going on, and have a chance to win a brand new 4 off-road tire inflation premium kit for this holiday season.

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Remember that you can always reach us by phone at 281 446 7300 or by email sales@pcltireinflationusa.com

Go and grab you a new off-road tire inflation premium kit for the holidays, be safe out there!!

4 off-road tire inflation premium kit 2

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PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit

PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit- Accuracy, heritage, speed.

PCL Off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit.

When we look at the off-road community, the passion and camaraderie that is bursting here is simply priceless. We are very thankful for the feed-back received during the development of this kit.

The up and coming professional grade, PCL off-road 4 tire gauge inflation kit is a game changer for many reasons. The primary is all about accuracy in a body that is rugged and meant to be outdoors. When I say accuracy, I am talking down to a 0.1 psi level, it is that accurate. Second, the kit is super compact and will work with your existing air supply systems, being a Power Tank or Air compressor.

Stay tuned as we get closer to deploying this new Off-road 4 tire inflation bundle; it is a game changer.

Email us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com



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PCL Analog tire pressure gauges

PCL Analog tire pressure gauges – accuracy and quality

Traditionalists will always enjoy handling an analog tire inflator / deflator gauge.  Being featured here is the Airforce analog gauge is fast, accurate, and shock resistant.

This is the same tire gauge that has been favored by the motorbike professional racing circuit because of its lightweight design and accuracy behind each of these products.

PCL analog tire pressure gauges have a long history in motorsport and it seems to be a favorite among auto enthusiasts.

Get in touch by emailing us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com or call us at 281 446 7300


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Single clip on tire chucks

Single clip on tire chucks – New for all your offroad tire inflation needs

The new tire chucks simplify the process for you to connect your tire pressure gauge to your stem by giving you a single motion to secure your air hose. No more holding the connector in a certain way to avoid any air a loss or to try to register an accurate psi reading. Clip on, release, move on to what matters most. Go back to play.  These new tools are geared towards giving you pride, enjoyment, and efficiency when you are looking after your tires.

Need help determining which chuck is best for you, email us at sales@pcltireiflationusa.com or call us at 281 446 7300

The new Single clip on tire chucks, tire inflation finally done right.


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Offroad tire pressure gauges

Offroad tire pressure gauges- tire gauge accuracy reimaged.

People like us love our online communities, we love our freedom to go and get lost. People like us love the process of transforming our vehicles giving us authenticity. People like us love our offroad tire pressure gauges, the feeling of a racing heritage, and the feeling of what you are holding in your hand is something special. We love making inflator/deflator gauges, its what we do.

This is why we do not conform to the status quo; your off-road tire gauge inflator/deflator should be accurate, feel good in the hand, and serve multiple purposes.

Email us at: sales@pcltireinflationusa.com


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ACCURA 1 tire gauge inflator deflator

Breaking traditions with the ACCURA 1 tire gauge inflator deflator

There is no need to settle for a tire inflator gauge that is not accurate, you have options to choose from including analog style gauges and digital tire gauges.

The ACCURA 1 tire gauge inflator deflator is a popular choice in the motorsport world. These gauges have been used by professional motorbike teams to ensure their tires are being checked accurately before each and every race.

Accuracy is what we are known for, and you will get it from this digital tire gauge. (.02 psi accuracy from a digital tire gauge)

Questions, get in touch by writing to us at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com


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Inflating deflating your 4 off-road tires at the same time

Inflating deflating your 4 off-road tires at the same time

Inflating deflating your 4 off-road tires at the same time.

We are excited to bring you an update on the our PCL MK4 off-road kits currently going extreme testing. These new kits will fully capable of inflating and deflating your 4 off-road tires at the same time with a brand new twist. Most of you did not want to be dealing with loose hoses and having the burden of carrying several pieces; we have made a kit that is easy to assemble but also easy to travel with. But we did not stop there; there is more features that will be reveled soon so stay close as we are getting very close to making these new exciting kits available soon.

We are redefining the process of inflating deflating your 4 off-road tires at the same time. Stay tuned and if you are finding us here on the blog, visit our Instagram account to stay closer to the action. Visit us at https://www.instagram.com/pcltireinflation/


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ACCURA MK4 digital inflator

ACCURA MK4 digital inflator- taking care of the off road community

PCL is so focused on giving you the best experience through tire inflation. Accuracy, robustness, and efficiency, all from a single device.

We are happy to be bringing these proven products into the community that loves to get lost on weekends while traveling through Mohab.  Here is to everyone that loves the thrill of the wild, the adventure, the destination and the feel of taking in the outdoors.  Let’s keep exploring, live large! Tag a friend that can review or use this device.

The ACCURA MK4 digital inflator has caught the attention of many; send us your questions or interests at sales@pcltireinflationusa.com


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passion for tire inflation

A deeper look into our passion for tire inflation- PCL goes way back

2020 marks our 82nd anniversary year. We are taking a short history trip to look for the spark that started the passion for tire inflation. This story is all about reinventing a company, its people, and its brand. This is a deeper look into our passion for tire inflation.

The year was 1940, PCL was restructuring after heavy bombing in the town of Sheffield. This opened up new opportunities for aircraft parts contracts during this difficult period. Ultimately, this became a major turning point where PCL implemented higher standards of precision engineering across its entire manufacturing process of aircraft components, leading to only 0.01% of these parts ever being rejected. The mid 1940’s brought even more contract opportunities because of how fast PCL’s reputation was spreading, one of them being the development of a new tire pressure gauge requiring higher precision and accuracy. This was the spark that had ignited the company to not only re-engineered its self coming out of WWII, but gave birth to a brand new line of tire gauges.

Consequently, PCL became the leading company in tire pressure gauge production and by the 1950’s; it had expanded its new product line to international markets. Fast forward to the 1970’s, where we find the start of digital gauges with full R&D support carving a brand new direction. By the 1980’s, the first digital gauges were being launched into the market followed by the robust and well known air towers of today. PCL has stuck with this recipe by fully concentrating on its core products, and establishing a new tag line, “driven by air”. This new direction became embedded in its culture, influencing domestic as well as international markets.

PCL’s dedication for innovation, and the technical process of developing and manufacturing world class pneumatic tire inflation equipment, led to the deployment of new products such as Nitrogen Generators, The ACCURA 5, and the Qube, which is its smallest automatic tire inflator.

PCL USA is now taking up the baton in creating a new chapter that will continue the passion for tire inflation equipment. With a deep heritage and history, we are looking ahead at developing unique solutions with the highest quality for tire inflation equipment.

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National truck driver week 2020

National truck driver week 2020- PCL is celebrating this week

Think about this for a moment, almost every aspect of our daily life is touched by a truck driver delivering groceries, medical supplies, fuel, etc..

Starting September 13-20, TECALEMIT is celebrating our road warriors.  National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for all of us to take a moment and say thank you to all professional truck drivers out there.

This year is of special significance due to the important role that our drivers have played during the Covid-19 pandemic.   The 3 million professional men and women delivering essential gear, supplies, food, etc… have taken one of our economy’s most demanding jobs.

Let’s join the thousands of people who have already begun showing their appreciation for the essential role these drivers play in our lives.   National truck driver week 2020 is here, let’s show our support.


PCL has been taking care of our commercial truck lanes for many years by offering state of the line high pressure inflators/deflator gauges.  Go online and shop for some of these items to thank a truck driver in your life.  Visit : https://www.pcltireinflationusa.com/products/handheld-inflators/airforce-mk4-truck-tire-inflator/

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