PCL MK4 tire inflation deflation gauge

On this blog we want to talk about efficiency, specifically on the PCL MK4 tire inflation deflation gauge. Here at PCL were all about innovating and finding the most efficient way to inflate/deflate your tires whether it is in your garage, out on the field, camping, etc. Traditionally this process has consisted using your traditional pencil gauge or similar, to check the tire pressure and if it’s too high, dropping it down by using a small screwdriver, coin, or your fingernail. Then you’d measure your tire again with the pencil gauge or a different analog gauge and go back and forth using multiple tools to get this process done. This could take a long time and may not be the most enjoyable.

Now imagine if you had one single device that saved time, space, and was extremely accurate. This is why the MK4 works for us, as an user, I’m always looking forward to using the MK4 because it just simplifies the entire process. You can just quickly connect your tire chuck and have one single device check your psi rating, inflate, and deflate.

If you have any questions on this PCL MK4 tire inflation deflation gauge, email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com and keep those questions coming.